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The FLOAT ARM FP91G LEVEL ARM (CLEAR/WHT) is a component used in fluid level sensing and control systems, typically found in water tanks or similar applications. This particular float arm is characterized by its design and color options.

The "FP91G" designation likely refers to the model or part number of the float arm, which may vary depending on the manufacturer or supplier.

The "LEVEL ARM" specification suggests that the float arm is used to determine the level of fluid within a tank or reservoir. It is commonly attached to a float or buoyant device that rises and falls with the fluid level, allowing the arm to pivot accordingly.

The "(CLEAR/WHT)" designation indicates that the float arm is available in both clear and white color options, providing flexibility to suit different aesthetic preferences or visibility requirements.

Typically made from durable materials like plastic or stainless steel, the FLOAT ARM FP91G LEVEL ARM (CLEAR/WHT) is designed to provide reliable performance in fluid level sensing applications.

It is commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings where accurate monitoring and control of fluid levels are essential, such as in water storage tanks, sump pumps, or chemical processing equipment.

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