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The ELEMENT DRY 2.0KW FUCHS 416MM is a heating component designed for specialized applications, typically in industrial or commercial settings. This element is characterized by its dry heating technology and specific dimensions.

With a power output of 2.0 kilowatts, indicated by the "2.0KW" designation, this element provides moderate heating capacity suitable for various heating requirements.

Additionally, the "416MM" specification denotes the length of the element, which is important for ensuring proper fit and compatibility within the heating system.

The "DRY" designation indicates that the heating element utilizes dry heating technology, which means it does not directly contact the water but rather heats the surrounding air or material, such as in industrial ovens, kilns, or specialized heating applications.

Typically made from durable materials like stainless steel or ceramic, the ELEMENT DRY 2.0KW FUCHS 416MM is designed to withstand high temperatures and provide reliable heating performance in demanding environments.

It is commonly used in industrial processes, commercial heating systems, or specialized equipment where precise and controlled heating is required.

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