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The FLOAT VALVE 15MM UNIVERSAL WIRQ 1093200 is a versatile valve designed for regulating water flow in plumbing systems, typically installed in tanks or reservoirs. This float valve is engineered to fit a 15mm inlet pipe and is manufactured by Wirq, a recognized brand in the plumbing industry.

The "15MM UNIVERSAL" designation indicates compatibility with a 15mm inlet pipe, which is a standard size commonly used in residential and commercial plumbing systems. The term "UNIVERSAL" suggests that it is designed to be adaptable and compatible with various installation setups.

The "WIRQ 1093200" likely represents the model or part number of the float valve, aiding in identifying the specific product within Wirq's product lineup.

Float valves operate using a buoyant float attached to an arm, which rises and falls with the water level in the tank. When the water level rises, the float ascends, activating the valve to allow water to enter the tank. Conversely, when the water level drops, the float descends, closing the valve to halt the flow of water.

The FLOAT VALVE 15MM UNIVERSAL WIRQ 1093200 is commonly employed in various applications requiring automatic water level control, such as toilet cisterns, water storage tanks, and livestock waterers. It is valued for its reliability, durability, and adaptability, making it suitable for a wide range of plumbing setups and environments.

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