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The FLUSHVALVE SUPAFLUSH BODY FP10F is a component used in toilet systems to regulate the flushing mechanism. This particular flush valve body, designated as FP10F, is designed to work with the Supaflush system, which may be a proprietary system offered by a specific manufacturer or brand.

The flush valve body is a critical part of the flushing mechanism in toilets. It typically includes components such as the flush handle, lever arm, flapper or seal, and overflow tube. When the flush handle is pressed, it lifts the lever arm, which in turn lifts the flapper or seal, allowing water to rush from the toilet tank into the bowl, resulting in a flush.

The FP10F flush valve body is designed to provide reliable flushing performance and is likely engineered to be compatible with other components of the Supaflush system. It may feature durable construction materials to ensure longevity and resistance to corrosion.

Overall, the FLUSHVALVE SUPAFLUSH BODY FP10F is an essential part of toilet systems, ensuring effective and efficient flushing operations for user convenience and sanitation.

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