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The G Coupler 1216X1/2 FEMALE is a type of coupler used in plumbing and piping systems. Let's break down its components:

  • "1216" refers to the size compatibility. It indicates that one end of the coupler is designed to fit pipes with a diameter of 12mm and 16mm.
  • "X1/2" denotes the connection type on the other end. In this case, it means that the other end of the coupler is designed to connect to a pipe or fitting with a 1/2 inch female threaded connection. This threaded connection allows you to attach the coupler to another component, such as a valve or fixture, using a corresponding male threaded fitting.
  • "FEMALE" indicates that the threaded connection on this end of the coupler is female, meaning it has threads on the inside that will receive a male threaded fitting.

So, the G Coupler 1216X1/2 FEMALE allows you to connect pipes with diameters of 12mm and 16mm to components with a 1/2 inch male threaded connection, such as valves or fixtures, providing a secure and leak-proof joint between them.

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