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The term "G Coupler Male" typically refers to a type of fitting used in plumbing and piping systems. Here's a general description:

  • "G Coupler" suggests that it's a type of coupler fitting, which is used to join two pipes or fittings together.
  • "Male" indicates that this particular coupler has a male threaded connection. This means it has external threads that can screw into a corresponding female threaded fitting.

Without specific sizing details, "G Coupler Male" could come in various sizes and configurations, such as G Coupler Male 1216 (compatible with pipes of 12mm and 16mm diameter) or G Coupler Male 1/2" (compatible with fittings having a 1/2 inch female threaded connection).

In summary, a G Coupler Male is a type of coupler fitting with external threads designed to connect to fittings with corresponding female threaded connections, facilitating the secure joining of pipes or components in plumbing and piping systems.

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